An Enchanting Adventure Park of the North: Campuestohan Highland Resort

One Summer Day at Campuestohan

“Believe me! The secret of reaping the greatest fruitfulness and the greatest enjoyment from life is to live dangerously.”

-Friedrich Nietzsche

It’s absolutely TRUE. It is by taking risk and getting out of your comfort zones that one can truly understand the real meaning of the word adventure. We only live once so we spiced up each passing moment with exciting adventures with friends and loved ones.

I remember it was four o’ clock in the morning of May when the moonlight still filled my room; I was awakened by the infuriating sound of my alarm clock which droned my ears like the buzzing sound of the bees. I hurriedly took a bath, got dressed and heaved the backpack to catch that 4:30 ride with my daughter and friends. It was an early morning trip to the north heading to our summer destination. It was raining when we arrived at San Carlos City where we took another bus that brought us to the city of smiles. It was a long but awesome trip for we enjoy the pleasure of seeing the treats of the countryside. Along the way, as we have kept our eyes opened we have seen beautiful and lovely sceneries. We passed by the mountains permeated with withered brown grass which obviously burned under the scorching summer heat making it looked like chocolate hills of Bohol; amazed by the green lush trees and sugarcane fields; and relieved by the fresh pine scent at Don Salvador, Benedicto which known to be the little Baguio of the north. Those made me somehow oblivious for a while of life’s mundane concerns. Hours later, the bus buzzed like a sound of angry hornets telling the passengers to come down the stairs for we had reached our destination, Bacolod, the city of smiles and gateway to one of the famous tourist destinations in Negros Occidental, Campuestohan Highland Resort. 

Screaming from the top of my lungs, I stood in the entrance of the resort awed and mesmerized by the beauty of this enchanting adventure park, standing 800-meters above sea level situated above the city of Talisay, half hour drive from Bacolod City Negros Occidental, Philippines. I finally found refuge in this beautiful haven with its gorgeous vista of Mount Makawili and breathtaking views of Panay and Negros Occidental islands. On that bright sunny day, as I strolled around the place invaded with visitors of all ages I suddenly felt a relief when the cold breeze whipped and touched my skin. Comforting, isn’t it?

There is no better way to escape life’s daily grind than kicking it off with an amazing experience that is worth keeping. While my friends had their best time conquering fears by zipping through the air while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the resort and taking the jaw-dropping cable hamsters and sky bicycle rides which I never had the guts to do, I was also enjoying taking a snapshot of this  huge human-sized statue which reminds me of an epic journey of a fat panda who showcased his signature belly hit in one of the Disney movies, Kung Fu Panda. I stood beside other huge statues of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, mighty King Kong, Thor and suddenly reminded of the gripping tales of heroes and villains. Then, one…two…three……. the shutter clicked……… as our fellow visitor took our groupies and selfies of that day.

I strolled around to explore and look for a perfect spot to capture the breathtaking panorama; I gazed in awe when strikingly vibrant cone-shaped huts suddenly appeared my sight, alas, I was standing at the Indian village. It seemed I have transported by the wheel of time to a Native American epoch when nomadic tribes of the Great Plains built teepees (cone-shaped huts) as their home.

Jaunting through the wheel of time again and taking me back to Mesozoic era, the dinosaur age as if time stood still I thought while looking at those dinosaur replicas and wondered if by destiny I were born when the dinosaurs have existed, “Am I going to survive?”, I asked myself. Thank heavens I belong to the generation X.

It was two in the afternoon when I slowly began to feel the summer heat and the aching thighs and toes as if I was chased by the dinosaurs and hunted by the Indians and ran a mile so I went to the ice cream parlor for refreshment and because of exhaustion I failed to notice that I have finished ten scoops of ice cream.

It’s time to pack things up after capping the adventure with a bang by dipping into the newest shark wave pool. It was really a  blast.Why go somewhere and spend much when you can save and have everything you’re looking for stored in one place. Go no further for this place has a lot to offer. Satisfy your cravings by treating yourself and your family with tasty and delicious food served at the resort. Get lost with its mesmerizing views which hypnotize every wanderer’s soul. Invigorate your soul through indulging exhilarating and adrenaline rushing activities that will help you forget the worries of the world. Soothe your aching muscles with its cool and relaxing weather. Get high through jumping high into the air by taking their trampoline and experience how it feels to be flying the trapeze. Unleash the child in you by riding the carousel and feel how it is like to be a kid again by visiting their playground where you could have a lot fun. So pack your things up and have fun at Campuestohan.

Photo Gallery

“Let your hearts be your compass; your mind be your map; and your soul be your guide and you’ll never get lost in the wild.”

How to Get There

For foreign visitors, you can take an hour plane ride from Manila, the capital of the Philippines to Bacolod City and approximately, it will take 30-40 minutes shuttle ride to reach the resort. If you are staying in Bacolod City and using your own transportation, just follow the road going to Granada and on to Alangilan, you’ll be able to see the road signs pointing you towards the directions of Campuestohan. As soon as you see plenty of gamecock farms on either side of the road and feel the air getting cooler you are approaching nearer to the resort. The moment you see a huge sign Campuestohan Highland Resort at the gate, you finally reach your destination. Prepare 150.00 pesos for the entrance fee except for children below two years old.

For more queries, reservations and early bookings, please contact the following numbers:

Landline: (034) 702-0964; (034) 433-3335

Mobile: 09152111406 ; 09173005007; 09256008088 or visit their website by clicking this.

Tips: If you plan to visit during peak season like summer vacation, it is best to book weeks ahead before the visit.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to my friends who are teachers by profession and photographers by passion namely Glyndel D. Pastor, Miel Paculanang, Manette S. Fausto who gave me the blessing to use some of those amazing photos taken during the escapade. Salamat! Of course I will never forget how my friend and team kamalig comrade, Virginia Dupio who made us laugh most of the time especially when circumstances weren’t pleasing anymore. There’ll be no dull moments with her. Thank you guys for keeping me company. I am hoping to have more adventures with you in the coming days.

Have fun as I always do everytime I get out of my shell to travel. Thanks for reading! Adios!


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    1. A must visit place in Negros Occidental Elizabeth. I am willing to help you arrange your trip going here. Just give me a buzz. Negros is one of the the 7107 islands in the Philippines. Thanks for dropping by!


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