Side Trip

Breezy Friday Afternoon Chill: Boardwalk Tanjay Mangrove Forest

I am a travel enthusiast. Once in a while, I leave and forget the worries of the world and take every opportunity that leads me to a place I have never been before.

“We live in a world that is full of beauty, charm, and adventure. There is no need to end the adventures we can have if we only seek them with our eyes open.”

Yes, every day, for me is always a new day to explore, discover, and learn if we face it with an open mind.

Visiting the Mangrove forest isn’t part of our plan and since we were already in Tanjay city to meet up with an online seller, its best to grab the opportunity to visit one of its pride, Boardwalk Mangrove Forest.

An ordinary afternoon, surprisingly, turned out to be a breezy Friday afternoon chill with my husband at the boardwalk. Had so much fun strolling, sight seeing and picture taking. I am so happy because this guy who prefers to stay home and lost himself with his addictive online games, suddenly, became my travel buddy lately. It was indeed an adventure-filled afternoon for there were no enough signs along the road with so many crossroads to choose from. But by using our hearts as our compass, we have reached our destinations.

It was a long drive from the city to a secluded place in San Isidro, Tabuc, Tanjay city where the famous Boardwalk is found. Yet, it was all worth the trip. I have found tranquility and serenity in the place. The chirping sound of the birds I heard and the mangrove leaves dancing with the breeze plus the soothing and refreshing smell of salty sea air is somehow therapeutic and calming.

With its beautiful sea scape, such a perfect place for photoshoots and for family picnic on weekends or holidays.  It has viewing decks where you can witness the sun amazingly shines in the morning. Amazing, isn’t it?

An afternoon we would never forget. At last, we, finally, found the opportunity to take a break from life’s daily grind and make memories worth reminiscing and keeping.

Here are some of the pictures I and my husband took during our short but exciting adventure at the Boardwalk.

How to get there?

Boardwalk Mangrove Forest is located at San Isidro, Tabuc, Tanjay City. Tanjay City is a fourth class city and part of the 2nd Congressional District in the province of Negros Oriental, Philippines. It is located 30 kilometers north of Dumaguete City, the gateway to the famous Tanjay Boardwalk. From Dumagute city, one can either commute by bus or van to reach Tanjay City. Ask the driver to drop you at the bus stop where you can take pedicabs that can take you at the site. But, renting a car and hiring a trusted driver is safer for foreigners than taking pedicab in a very secluded place.

Entrance Fee

No entrance fee. Any generous amount you can give perhaps for the maintenance won’t cost a fortune.