Celebrating the greatest gift-LIFE

Humans, as we are, must face the practical realities of life: its opportunities; its defeats and its successes; how we face and handle these circumstances either  we choose to become masters or victims of circumstances depend upon our dispositions, perspectives  and values that would help us cope with these. It is always a matter of choice. As they say, happiness is always a choice. So I always choose to be happy despite life’s inevitable struggles and challenges.

Today, I am celebrating the most precious gift that God has blessed me with-life. I thank him for another year he has given me. I opt to keep the celebration simple  with my husband, children, my father, brother and few cousins. I also thank God for the gift of family, friends, and work, yet, most of all, I thank him for his love who has saved me from sins. Yes, I am saved by grace. Hurray! Isn’t it worth celebrating?

My worst selfie ever. This was taken two days after I had my major thyroid operation. Thanking God for the fast recovery.

I thank him also for granting me a second life and for sparing me from the wrath of cancer. It was last October 22, 2016, when I had my thyroidectomy due to a cyst growing on my right thyroid which caused me to suffer dyspnea. I would never forget how my endocrinologist warned me about my situation for she would not want to give me a false hope. This is what she said which is still fresh on my memory ti’ll this very moment, ” it is 85 % cancerous based on what I have seen on your ultrasound but God is great and believe in the power of prayers,” leaving me choked for a while. Now I understand how it feels to have a relative who suffered cancer and I will tell you it isn’t as simple and easy as it seemed to be. Imagining your days numbered and thinking on ways how to spend the remaining days worth remembering… is quite disappointing.

Yes, I have reached to a point where I have questioned God. But, I am certain and hopeful that whatever trials He has given me it would surely come to end. I know God won’t give me problems I could not bear. Praise the Lord I am blessed, it was negative. My family and I were so happy knowing I am cancer free. It was indeed an answered prayer. If not with prayers and faith perhaps I would not be able to celebrate my 37th year with my family and loved ones today. One thing I learned that no matter how upsetting and disappointing the situation can be kneel down and pray, entrust everything to God and he will direct your path.


Yes, I have so much to be thankful for: my parents who never left my side during tough times; my husband who is always there to give me a lift when I was down and weary; and my kids who became a source of inspiration. It is also comforting to know that the love and support of friends and relatives is nearby. It is indeed a celebration of love and life. Praise the Lord!

This I say I am blessed! Thank you Lord! Your grace is sufficient for me!